July 20, 2007




Only 4 words,

Never a dull moment!


Aunt Marg


You always make me smile!

Love you!

Aunt Marg


Those are some cool eyebrows Smash, good idea on making them look even! Smash will probably set a new trend, keep the razors away from the kids!


Like the new banner, reminiscent of Harry Potter magic!


PS - Don't go toward the light!!!!


i miss my eyebrows.


Ha ha. Remember when he cut Megan's hair? No hats will help this time!! That's okay, he's still a cutie. :)

Grandma Joan

Ashton: You look great no matter what!!! I remember when I walked into the bathroom and David's best friend Mark Buchanan had the shaver and had shaved 1/2 of David's head. After a few screams, I shut (slammed) the door. I opened it and said: "Oh well, I guess you have to shave the other side. It looks pretty stupid the way it is." I've learned hair grows back pretty quick!! I've also learned there are much bigger things than shaving eyebrows or heads. (Ha Ha)


Ok- now everyone has an eybrow story to tell, so I'm not going to be left out.
My mom shaved her eyebrows off when she was in college because she didn't want to pluck them -- I think she was trying to just shave part of them off, and then one side was done and so she did the same thing-- and her eyebrows never grew back! I think you're safe though, men tend to have bushier eyebrows than women (take it from a woman who's married to one of the hairiest men in the world) So, to complete the story, after twenty some years of drawing her eyebrows on with the make up pencil, a few years ago, my Mom had her eyebrows tatooed permanently on. I think it's so funny. You are cute Ashton, and I love your smile!


This is hysterical. Your Dad is right Smash, never a dull moment! Steve is probably right too, all the kids at Pink will be asking their parents for SMASH eyebrows. I don't think they look bad, pretty even if you ask me! Next time you have dry skin though, use a washcloth and lotion!!! You crack me up buddy...

Valerie Chandler

That goofy kid!


Why is is that every household has at least one kid that keeps us guessing? Great story! I remember Travis using Rob's shaver around his chin and cheeks. He came downstairs with a sratched up face. Couldn't figure it out until he started crying and confessing because it stung. He was just trying to be a "man" like his dad.

Love your smile, Smash! It is so magnetice and contagious!


Well..... he could pencil in the missing eyebrows.... but... somehow I don't think that's quite the solution needed in this case of Smash's beauty makeover adventures.
You gotta love him, though. He really is an awesome guy.

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