August 22, 2007




I can't say it nearly as nicely as Mom did.

I am so proud of the fine young man you are. You continue to make so many great decisions. I know you will bring joy and happiness to many people throughout your life!

Happy birthday Nathan!




He is definately a very good boy. I've told you before, but my younger boys just couldn't believe how kind he was to them in AR even though he is so much older than they are. He is a respectful, kind boy. You have every reason to be very proud.


Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
I hope you had a great one! I don't think I'll ever forget your birthday since yours is the day after mine, AND, it looks like I became an official adult right before you were born. Your parents are right. You are a very special person, and I can't even figure out all the ways that you're so above-and-beyond amazing, but know that you are. I love the way you try to interact with all people, you're kind, engaging, and helpful. You bring a smile to everyone, respect your parents, and encourage your younger siblings. I am thankful that you've been such a blessing to your parents, and even more thankful that you're here on earth. We're all much better off because of you!!!


Nate the Great!! Happy Birthday. I can't believe how grown up you are. I was actually shocked the first time I saw you this summer to realize you have become a young man. I hope your siblings realize how lucky they are to have such a terrific big brother. Ever since I first met you when you were a little toddler, I have been jealous of your super eyelashes!! (Your daughters will be gorgeous!!) I am so proud of you and thrilled that you are my cousin. Maybe some of your amazingness will rub off on me!! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
You are definetely an extrordinary person. From the beginning you were the one who always made me feel so welcome on the Rich side of the family. With your great and fun personality! And I so appreciate it. I hope you have a great time celebrating this weekend! Love ya!


Happy Birthday Nathan! I love you tons!!


Nathan I love you sooo sooo much.
I know sometimes I say I want to hurt you but I dont.
Happy Birthday.

Love ya tonz


Happy Birthday Nathan! I'm glad that you got your licensed renewed even though there seemed to be roadblocks at every angle. Hope you have a great celebration this weekend!

Joan Lloyd`

Dear Nathan:

You definitely got a million comments. That's because you are worth a million. Everyone knows how special you are and what a giving, loving person you are. You are a great young man and I'm proud to be your grandmother.

Grandma Joan

Grandma Sherril

Dear Nathan:
Being our oldest grandson makes you really special. We have always thought you were the best in every way. We love you so much and love being around you. Sorry it took so long to wish you a happy b-day but want you to know we have been thinking about you anyway. I can't believe it's been 17 years since you were born. You were such a beautiful baby. Almost too good looking for your own good and that has continued to be the case. We love you lots.
Grandpa and Grandma Rich

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