August 01, 2007



I am too worn out to comment after reading this... how do I keep up with her???

I am an aspiring angel and soon hope to join Scotty D, my Dad and my father in law with a glow from the top of my head :)

Mar, remind me to give a big raise to that crazy lady that frantically gets the house ready to show, she deserves it!

Smash, as soon as we found out your nickname was going to be Smash, we updated all our insurance policies.

Band directors, if you are reading this (which I doubt, because there is no way you'd have time) Don't you think an 8 hour day is sufficient to get your troops trained? What's up with 24/7?

Emi, you have the best smile of any babysitter I know!

Megan - this post is from your favorite Anonymous author.

Mar - thanks for an awesome 19 years! - there's nothing as fun in this world as being with you!!

~Anonymous ;)


Carlotta - you have a great looking mugshot!


I'm glad to hear that the showings have picked up. But I'm even more glad to hear that Carlotta is okay ;).
And I love those cousins of mine. They are always fun to be around, and have so much to share. Their happiness is contagious!! (But how could they be any other way with such happy and positive parents??)
Super much love to the Lloyd family (including Carlotta!).



Whew! I agree with Jonathon...I'm tired now. What a whirlwind of a life you have going on right now. My question is does it ever really slow down? I so hope you find the time to head out here. I love our long phone conversations, but I also love to see your sweet smile. Although quite honestly, I should be coming out there to see you. I believe it is my turn to visit. As for your question on my blog, I would love to scam my way with you across Europe! What a blast that would be.


I have something to say...



Valerie Chandler

Any news of the house yet? Oh, I wish it would sell. Oh, I wish it wouldn't sell. I'm so conflicted.

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