August 23, 2007




I know you got rattled when you hit the other car. It will all work out fine.

I am very happy to see you taking responsibility for it.



PS It only took you 15 years longer than it did for your mother to reach this milestone!


He did hit a milestone.
It was scary and I was worried.
It was lucky I was there because I had my cell phone with me!
I don't think Nathan had his.

I love you mom!

P.S. Does it really happen to everyone??????


Wow if I was in the car I would be scared too Emily.

Drive safe Nathan ( especially with Emily in the car.)

Love ya tonz



Haha.... I like Uncle Jonathan's comment...
Nathan, don't let it get you down, ok? And I'm glad that you guys were and are safe.
And Emily, I know how you feel... time just seems to kind of slow down, just before the crunch? :) At least it did for me.
You guys are awesome.
Super much love,


Nathan, I'm glad your alright. Your mom can beat that record! She had a few before entering grade school! I was in the back seat during one of them. And I remember when we were teenagers, she drove off snow covered road, and we were stuck in a snow bank, in a place called Deep Creek. That was a cold one. Back then we didn't have cell phones, so I went for a long walk!

Valerie Chandler

Eeeeek-- is that really a rite of passage? ugh- I CAN wait for that that one.

Glad that no one was hurt. Sounds like you all handled it with parenting class. And glad that at least he was the BIG one. The first responders at my accident told me, "Don't ever try to take on a dump truck. They always win." Thankful for the Expedition.


Way to go Nathan! It was bound to happen at some point in your life. You just "hit" it a little quicker than some. Ha Ha !! Don't worry. We've all had those fender benders. It is just part of life and having all those drivers on road. Don't take it too hard. At least all was well with you and Emily and no one got hurt!


Hi Nathan, welcome to life! I am so glad you and Emily are okay. I know it is a scary and embarrassing experience. Don't worry, your kids will enjoy the story someday. Speaking of... Aunt Mar, you need to dish on your early driving experiences. I don't think I have heard them yet.

Love Ya!!

Melanie Eickbush

I'm embarassed to say that I have had my share of car accidents. However Nathan, if it makes you feel better, even at my own expense, I will confess that in my first car accident when I was just 16, I hit a pedestrian and not a car-- luckily I was only going about 5 miles an hour and the extent of the Hmmm Hmmm Sr. citizen's injuries were a pair of broken bi-focals. But- I had every one of my 4 younger siblings in the car with me and believe me over the years the story has been exaggerated into a major crime.


My first wreck involved nearly taking out a stopsign on the corner and completely trenching a neighbor's yard. Taught me not to have my gymbag too close to where I was steering (I caught it when I was doing my "hand over hand" turning and then freaked out!!!

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