August 20, 2007



Stacy and Dak,

Thanks for inviting us to help! Hope we didn't break anything! I really enjoyed it! Hope Tulsa treats you well.

Mar, where do you come up with cool sayings? I never knew Will Rogers was so funny! And so witty!

Take care,


PS. If you run into a Jon Lloyd up there, be careful, I've heard ther is a warrant out.... another story


You must be the sweetest person I know. You have a rare character of kindness that is going to be irreplaceable to Stacy- I know how much she already misses you!


Will Rogers also said "I never met a man I didn't like". Well, I never had a moment with Marilyn and the Lloyds that I didn't like either. Thank you all for your help. It was like an ant farm. The whole family just jumped into action! I was truly "moved" by your willingness, and ENTHUSIASM even to help us out! You guys made a huge difference in our weekend. Jonathan, You'll be glad to know that nothing got broken, and I need to hear this story about "Jon" Lloyd. Ha ha. Nathan, we will be bringing the cable box back September 6th, they made it sound like it happens all the time! Ha ha. Marilyn, I love these pictures. Julia saw them and was sad she missed all the fun. We will truly miss getting to hang out with such cool people! Love you all!


Thanks again to the Lloyd family for all your help, we could not have done it without you! You are the best!


Oh how witty Will Rogers was...


By the way, Will Rogers never met George Bush...
(couldn't resist)


On my goodness Stacy, you had your sister, your husband and even the Okies leave a comments on my blog!?!
I am glad that you described us as an ant farm and not ants at a picnic!

Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts.

We love and miss you already.

Grandma Sherril

Dear Stacy:
It was fun to meet you and spend an afternoon with you during our visit in the Spring. I know what a great friend you have been to the Lloyd's and I appreciate it ever so much.
Please send Mar pictures of your children once in a while so that we can watch them as they grow up.
The Rich's

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