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September 17, 2007



What fun! My house always had the "door open" to anyone and everyone when I was growing up. So far, my house has been the same way for many a "kid". I love it. Way to go Megan. You are a great little sister!


There is a side of Megan I still don't know much about!

Fun! Fun!


I want to be the cool mom where all the kids come hang out at my house!! I bet you guys had so much fun! Good for you, Megan, for jumping in and having a blast. You are very lucky to have not only a good older brother and sister who would let you hang out, but they also have obviously chosen good friends.


Megan, that is AWESOME!!! You and Codi Grace have the same talent. She does the same thing and I think that Darcy & Nathan are so lucky to have you two. Not many older brothers and sisters love their little sisters as much as these two love y'all.
You're one lucky, fun, kiddo. Keep up the entertaining. You'll be a hit in college (or at the reception desk at your kids elementary school [Isbell])! :-)

Louise Baca

What a great group of friends! Impromptu is more times than not the very best, you go in without any expectation and there it is better than you expected! Looks like fun!


Fun fun fun! Always lots of fun at the Lloyd casa! I didn't see Ashton in any of the pictures. Hmmm. Maybe nobody has noticed this side of Megan as much because she doesn't bring out ALL of her fireworks around Flashy Smashy! Ha ha. Looks like you all had a blast. Wish I were a fly on the wall!!!

Valerie Chandler

I just love your little theater room. Perfect for just such a night.

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