September 14, 2007



Hope you didn't blink!


Was that efficient?


It sounded like she needed a hug, but may be she wouldn't appreciate it much. Maybe your right just add some color to the room!

Joan Lloyd

In my mind I thought it might be funny to add a little color to her eye (black and blue). Oops, did I say that?


You should have met me in Lewisville, we could've done it together!! The people at my dmv were much nicer. (By much, I mean no yelling.) Of course I got there much earlier in the day, so maybe they just hadn't gotten to the cranky part yet. The lady who took care of me was the nicest of them; she even wished me happy birthday!! I am sorry yours wasn't nice to you. If she knew you, she'd be sorry.


I think that they just needed some cookies. Truly, what could be better than some wonderful, fresh, homemade cookies? Right from the oven (and from your heart). I bet that no one has ever just thought, "Man, you know, I think that the DMV workers would like some cookies today, " then proceed to make and deliver cookies. I think that could potentially revolutionize the world. No more cranky DMV workers... And plenty of cookies for all!! :)

I'm sorry that you weren't feeling well this week Aunt Mar. I love you! Feel better!!


I agree that cookies are a great idea and could change the world one choclate chip and smile at a time; however, with the group I was facing at the DMV, I believe they would have called in the bomb squad and blown them to bits!


Your experience sounds like mine at the DMV last year. What is it with these places and people? Is it a employee pre-requisite to be cranky, angry and down on life? I don't know if color on the walls is enough?!

I'm also sorry that you have been feeling cruddy. What an awful day!

Valerie Chandler

...and we want the government running our health care? ugh

I am so sorry that you are sick. I hate hearing that. Any better today?


I have always had similar DMV experiences until I went a few months ago to get my license removed. The gentleman at the window actually made me laugh and I was shocked. He even made the comment that I had probably never laughed at the DMV before and I told him he was right. It is too bad more workers aren't like that man, going to the DMV could be a pleasant experience, or at least not as painful!


When I say removed I meant renewed. Oops! Perhaps I should have read over it before I submitted it!

Nurse Stacy

No Valerie, don't have the government RUN healthcare, just pay for it so that all people at least have access to it! I would rather my wait in line for 2 days with rude nurses (you know lots of people with good insurance already do that) to get treated than to not be treated at all. It's kinda like that "government cheese" the comedians joke about. But wouldn't you still take government cheese over no cheese? I mean it doesn't mean you couldn't get a good block of cheddar with your own money! Ha ha.

Anyway. I wish I would have been there to explain to the DMV lady exactly why she was biting the hand that feeds her, describe how unattractive a rude woman is, and wish out loud that she get something out of life, so that she didn't have to treat everyone else how she feels! Makes me mad that she did that. People have no right to do such things!!! Sorry Mar, hope you feel better soon!


Are you Okay?
Please don't be upset, I'm really fine, I thought it was sort-of funny!
I love you, thanks for being so protective!

Nurse Stacy

I'm fine, I'm fine

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