September 13, 2007



I hope that my in-laws have fun celebrating their 50th today. I never imagined I could be so lucky to marry into such a special family. The two together are so kindhearted, and constantly give to others. I want to tell them thank you so much for all they've done for me. Times like recently taking me out on their new boat with such busy schedules, what a blast! To many many more happy years together, Happy 50th Anniversary!


Congrats Grandma and Grandpa!! 50 years is an amazing accomplishment. I am so grateful for grandparents like you. You are as Rachelle said, kind and generous, and I don't know what I'd do without you. I always felt special being born exactly between my grandparents' anniversaries!! (By the way, I LOVED the adorable birthday card you sent.) I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. You guys deserve it.


Great picture! Happy 50th anniversary, to mom and dad! It's been fun seeing them enjoy each other more and more over time. They have made a great team. I hope they have a fantastic anniversary.

Louise Baca

Your parents are so cute! Happy 50th, that is awesome! I also love the bike, you have cool parents too!


Congrats Uncle Burnell and Aunt Sherril, You two make a great couple. Sure Love You. Love, Teresa


Mar, will you edit my spelling? Thanks. No laughing.


There you go Teresa!


I am so blessed to have wonderful in-laws. Happy 50th! And many more to come!

Grandma Sherril

Thank you Mar for the wonderful present of the Armstrong Mansion. It was so great. We had lots of fun. It is a great place to stay and very close to lots of neat things. Thanks again. We love you.
I had to renew my license early this summer. It is due in October but they make us renew very early. Same hassle as Mar had. I didn't say have a good day. I just thought what a job. If they had to work in the real world they wouldn't make it.


I was lucky enough to meet you two, and I'm so glad! I hope your anniversary was wonderful. I hope I'm lucky enough to have such a beautiful relationship in 47 more years! Congratulations!

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