September 24, 2007



Wow! What a fun(and busy)weekend! I bet the marching band was incredible. I also love the picture with Megan and her friend relaxing between the events. Both of them have their toes pointed even when they're not performing...true gymnasts!

I hope Emily had a great birthday. I love being around her. She is one of those people that has a gift for making others happy.

Miss you all!



Even though I only got to see you guys for such a short time, I had a blast. I thought Emily was going to die when she got her ipod!! I love that picture of her. Thanks for inviting me to celebrate!


I wish I could've been there for your birthday! I would love to see all of you, and your pretty house. I loved all the pictures. All of you kids sure are growing up fast, and I hope I get to see you soon so you're not adults next time I see you. Love and miss you.


Great pictures as usual. Loved all the Meg ones. I love her new leotard also. My favorite pictures is the one of Emily by her cake. That is just so sweet!

I know how you feel running in a million directions on the weekends. But as we know pretty soon we will have empty homes and be all sad that we don't see our children enough. I guess we can deal with the craziness now because we get to be with our precious little ones.


How does your husband keep up with you? You are a very busy Mom!

Megan, congratulations on the gym meet!


Jordan often reads your blog along with me and sometimes she reads it FIRST and tells me things that are so cute. She just got her first MP3 player, which my Mom had her earn by doing extra chores, babysitting and things for me this summer, and she got an orange ipod shuffle, which now seems to be glued to her ear. I am not used to this feature being that she is my first teenager and I forget a lot and don't talk loud enough to get her attention when she's tuned into her "shuffle". I have gotten frustrated with her a few times over it, and when she saw that Emily got one for her birthday, she quickly informed me that she wasn't abnormal or the only one -- just another thing that our kids continue to have in common. They really would be close friends if we were still in the same state! I love you guys and your family is such a fun and cute one to read about. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Emily is a beautiful girl and wow -- one more year before she can date! SCARY!


I miss you wonderFULL Lloyds! Marilyn, please come teach me how you do it...

Valerie Chandler

Oh, I just love that marching band stuff!

The picture that is my favorite at the gymnastics gym was the one of Ashton looking on. What a doting brother. That relationsip is very sweet.

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