September 18, 2007



I can hardly type because I'm crying. I remember that day vividly. It was so perfect. Yesterday here was warm,sunny,and the apples were begging to be picked from the trees. I thought of my sweet Mar in Texas and mourned that she was so far away. Sometimes in life you meet people who profoundly affect you for good. Marilyn is that person in my life.She has taught me so much about life. Is is okay to be an adult and have fun! Seriously, i didn't know that. A beautiful lady inside and out. I admire her strength and the incredible way she manages to do so much for others in spite of the Lupus that she deals with on a daily basis.
I strive to be more like her. I miss her terribly and look forward to the day we live closer to one another. THANK YOU MARILYN FOR JUST BEING YOU!

Okay, so when are you and the Vermont maid(made) girl coming to VT?



I too remember that day! That old Ford Taurus sure did see a lot of pretty country.

This is the time of year to be in Vermont! Nothing else like a crisp September day in Vermont.



Resa, you're right! Marilyn has taught me it's okay to be 40 and fun. I remember when 40 was old. It still is...that is until I get there (heee heeeee).

I wanna go to Vermont!!!!!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I know I'm reading this late, but HOW WEIRD that you post this right at the same time my doctor gave me my rescheduled date!!! I TOTALLY understand your disappointment!!! However, thanks to you, I now have a new perspective on Baby Bryan's NEW birthday. Can't get much sweeter than Emi, so maybe it's worth the wait and additional anticipation to have 7 more days of longing, pain, sore feet and heartburn. I generally wish for time to stand still, but right now the minute hand seems to drag, and I wish it would be like a windmill...

Resa, you capture Marilyn's personality perfectly. I too consider her that special person I treasure and learn from daily. Godsent truly...

Valerie Chandler

No wonder Vermont is so dear to your heart. How sweet a story. Great capture.

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