September 09, 2007



I spent my day as many minutes as I could and I wish I could spend more.

I went to school, came home, did homework, went to gym, mom picked me up, got some food, went to the game, went home, went to sleep.

That is how I spent my BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!!

Love you Mom,


I spent the BEST day of the year unpacking boxes, intermittently thinking of you, writing on my blog, we sang Happy Birthday to you at the dinner table, unpacked more boxes and I cleaned the house...


I spent the best day of the year cleaning for my mom to come stay with us for a couple of days. And I thought of you and kept thinking I need to call, and spaced it. I'm so sorry! I must have alzheimers! I really hope you enjoyed your birthday. I love how you put into words all your blog entries. They are so entertaining,and make me laugh and smile. Thanks for brightening my today today! Love ya...

Louise Baca

Are you kidding? I thought you already knew, it's your birthday so I apent the day thinking of you and singing, it's the best day ever! Oh and I wore a red shirt and red shoes in your honor!


The BEST DAY EVER was spent thinking of you! I was also so upset that I couldn't find my (misplaced on vibrate only) cell phone. I couldn't call you and personally wish you a happy birthday! But thinking of you, daisies and the beautiful color red kept me in high spirits.

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