October 09, 2007



I like all of them but my two fav's are Mar~inade with me, and rolling in the dough and other rich delights. Good one's!


I'll go with the sentimental favorite.

Can't help lovin' that Pan of mine!

2nd vote: Rich Mar~inade


Please respond quick - the faster she gets a name, the sooner she'll be experimenting in the kitchen!!



Hmmm. I think "Rolling in the Dough and other Rich Delights." So clever.

I can't wait for this new blog!!!!!

Valerie Chandler

Whatever you call it, I'll be a visitor. You're the best cook!


If you'd like to take a close up picture of my face with my eyes rolled back into my head, a heavenly grin on my face from the unbelievable flavor when I take a bite of anything you make, I'll let you do that for the cover.
Is "The Ahhh's Have it!" a title? If so, that's me. My other choice is "Rollin' In Dough..." but I really like the ones with "Mar~" in the title, too.
I miss your cookin'. I'm going to have to come over and see what kind of left-overs you have in your fridge.

Cythia Peterson

We don't care about the title as long as it includes Marilyn's yummy doughnut recipe and her volcanoe cakes. My kids were just talking about them the other day. You are an INCREDIBLE cook! We just wish we were there to sample, laugh, play the guitar and DO THE DISHES:)

We miss you all!
The Peterson ABC's


I still love Saucy Lady because you are one my dear. But I will go with the majority above and say Rollin in dough... That is really cute. I have been trying to think of titles since you talked to me about it but you have done great on your own. The ones with Mar in it are cute too. I guess you get the final vote! No matter the heading, I will be there taking my long distance lessons from Mar's quisine cooking school!


I take it you are still signed up to sing at my funeral.



I like most of them, so this is tough. How about "Saucy Lady's Rich Delights"
Or Mar-inade and More

My fav of yours is
Mar-inade with Me.
Good Luck and I look forward to your new blogging experiment.
My sister in law has a baking blog that she and her sis do, the link is on my blog. it's called "sweet sista'" but they only do baking type stuff, cookies mostly.
Great idea Mar-
Love Ya and your cooking,


Bahahahaha! I like "The Ahh's Have It"... Super my favorite. And I really like Mar-inade and More... You could always add "The Ahh's Have It" as a subtitle... like ....
"Whatcha Got Cookin': The Ahh's Have It" ... or something to that effect...
I think, though... that no matter the title, it will become a best-seller!


I vote for Rollin' in Dough...and other Rich delights.


Mar~inadin' Rich Saucy Platin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you pick mine, I want food!

Stacy & Dak

I like Mar~inade with Me, but of course my personal favorite title for all things that uniquely come from Marilyn, which give a sense of warmth and rememberance of good times (momentos), are Mari-mentos! Therefore, I like the title Marinade with me, and each recipe can no longer be called a recipe. A Marilyn recipe is a MARIMENTO!


or you could call them more than mar-ely a recipe!


Hi Mar~
I found your blog through Valerie's and was so impressed with your blog! You sound like such an awesome lady! I love your idea of a foodie blog.....and while I'm probably not one with a lot of counting votes, I do have a suggestion...COMBINE THEM! "Marinade with Me, a Saucy Lady's Rich Delights" Sounds like you already have a following, your culinary delights sound legendary. Good Luck with your decisions!


Melanie's a genius! I have been deliberating for a few days on what I liked. I like all of the titles, but wanted a combination of some kind. I LOVE what Melanie came up with: "Mar-inade with Me, A Saucy Lady's Rich Delights". It captures everything your title should say!!
BTW, I cannot wait for the foodie blog. I have always loved cooking and can't wait to learn to cook like you. I'm sure I'll never measure up, but if I can get to be as half as good as you, I'm sure my family will be thrilled.


Yeah, I think that I'm going to have to change my answer. After much deliberation, I'm going to have to throw my vote in for "Mar~inade with Me, A Saucy Lady's Rich Delights". It's the best.
¬°Es perfecto!


I cant figure out what my favorite is.


P.S dont forget to put the new one in because I like it.


I love all of those titles! They are so clever!
My three favorite are:
Whatcha Got Cookin'?
Can't Help Lovin' That Pan of Mine...
The Ahh's Have It!
Love, Emily

Heather Darrington

I'm too late to vote, but love the title you chose, probably not any more that I'll love trying those new recipes on the site. Sounds great, Mar!


You are not too late, we haven't chosen the title yet! Keep voting!

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