October 13, 2007



The magic was never in the glass slipper, the castle, in Prince Charming, or the carraige.

Cinderella has the magic...


PS. Sometimes glass slippers show up when you least expect them.


I went to the Castello di Miramare web site that's a cool castle, I think it be cool to go to Italy and see all the neat historic places, maybe you could go with me as tour guide and translator!


Dear Mom,

I hope I can go to the castle some day too.

You are also a great Cinderella to me.

I love you,


If you ever need help, or a friend, I'll be your little mouse!
I love you,


Aunt Cinderella, I also would love to be your little mouse. However, this little mouse isn't as helpful as the rest. This little mouse is a bit selfish and though it's glad to help, it's also a little relieved the castle hasn't sold yet. But anything you need, anything this mouse can do to give back even a tiny bit, just give a little whistle (oh wait, wrong movie...)

Valerie Chandler

You are sooo clever. What a treat this post was...


I am so sorry the castle has turned out to be such a problem! I hate when you think, you anticipate, you just know that things will move along smoothly, and then that ugly stepmother enters the picture. (That stepmother being the fact that you can't move that castle and that your life is essentially on a "hold" factor at the moment.)

As for prince charming, he could have at least said "I don't know what to say my dear Cinderella." Or maybe "Hang in there my dear." But no comment?! That is so unlike your quietly sarcastic man. Maybe it is overwhelming for him also that his poor Cinderella is so distressed over this whole matter.

Here's to a magically happy ending soon!


Cinderella, you need to be more like Sleeping Beauty to recuperate, like Snow White and rely on the 7 dwarfs to keep pitching in on the work (okay, or at least the 5 dwarfs, no pun intended), have the food cook itself and dishes wash themselves like Belle in Beauty & the Beast, and just keep singing like the little Mermaid. You're too good of a character to not have a happy ending, it just doesn't have much to do with that glass slipper. Cinderella's foot was too big!

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