October 30, 2007



What a bowl full of treats you have already received. My kids love to trunk-or-treat also....that is if our ward would have it! We did nothing in the way of a Halloween party this year so I have had to branch out and do other things with my kids.

Love your costumes! I saw someone last year with the laundry basket idea. I took a picture of her because I thought it would be cute to do sometime. You beat me to it. All your kids look so cute. Love Emily's face smudges.


I had so much fun with you guys on Saturday!! Thanks for inviting me over. I can't wait for tomorrow!!


How fun!! What a treat for me to see how your Saturday turned out! The costumes look so good!!
May I say that I am super jealous that I won't be a part of tomorrow night's festivities as well?

Love you guys!


Megan talked to me about her friend that said that she wasn't participating in Halloween because of what Halloween represents...

Megan had no idea what she was talking about.

This is a great lesson for me. We have the power to create our own culture and tradition and build positive memories and messages, independent of what the majority of society believes.

Thanks Mar for building fun into every Holiday and building memories for our family.

It's a treat for me to be part of it all.


Louise Baca

I loved seeing all the pics of the kids! Trunk or treat is always fun, wich we could have come. Get a load of this, our ward had Trunk or Treat on Monday night....


Thanks for spending your Saturday evening with us! The games were FUN, the popcorn YUM, but spending time surrounded by your wonderful family was the BEST part of the evening.

Upon returning home, I reflected on the evening and realized why your house hasn't sold. For every prayer YOUR family utters asking for divine assistance in relocating to Colorado, there are so many more people that are praying for a miracle to keep you here. You are simply outnumbered. ;)


Love the laundry idea, so cute. How are you always so creative?

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