October 17, 2007



I still don't know how I manage to keep up with her...

Guess I manage badly.

Cool about the fire Mar! Wish I could have seen that, and you covered quite well - no burning smell when I got home.

Speaking of fire - glad you gave me sour cream with your Chili! Quite good stuff!

Glad Mom will be able to accompany us on our next Grand canyon trip - Mom, can we put all the water bottles in your backpack this time?

Lots of love,



Boy oh Boy! These are the days...or so they say! Thanks for the quick updates on everyone. And the fire?! That is awesome. Why? Because I don't imagine you having problems in the kitchen. I imagine you in there with your little Mar chef hat and cute apron whipping up the most delightful things (maybe with that song playing in the background! Not that your creations are like medicine, mind you.):) Anyway, after all of that rambling I will say I absolutely love "All I Knead is Love"!!


I'm worried about SMASH, does he have a UTI? If so, hopefully he's on AZO or Uristat for pain relief till he gets to the urologist. I'm also wondering what meds Joan is taking, maybe a potentiator would help her. Good job Nathan, Emily and Megan! That paper towel story is fun. I can see you talking on the phone to your sister during the whole episode though, and not even changing your tone of voice. I also LOVE "All I Knead is Love"...

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