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December 30, 2007


Louise Baca

We will definitely keep him in our prayers. It is hard to be so far from family especially when things like this happen.

Joan Lloyd

Thanks, Marilyn, for all your concern and advice. We just saw little Cedar. He is definitely a sweet, LITTLE, loviing gift. David and Tristan know how blessed they are to have such a wonderful child. I held him tonight. He has dark hair which will be curly when wet. He has eyelashes, long fingers and fingernails. and a tiny mouth. His nose is tiny and turned up like his dads. Tristan is going to be a wonderful mother. She has the knack already in holding and loving him. Grandpa and I were a bit cautious with all the tubes and wires. He is breathing on his own now and receiving his mother's nourishment from a tube. Modern medicine is a wonder. We consider this little gift from God a miracle. We are very grateful.


It sounds like the little guy is making progress already. We've been very worried that he came so early.

Every birth is a miracle - this one may need a bit more help than others.



I hope all is going well with little Cedar. I will add him to my prayers. Keep us updated...


I also bet that Cedar is going to be a tough little guy.

I hope that Cedar will get better and his brething will get better.



Aww! Poor little guy! It's hard to be in an incubator when you'd much rather be in your Mommy's warm tummy still! He's really working more than he should have to, typical for a Lloyd! Well Cedar, welcome to the world, it's an amazing place, stay away from the germies! We'll keep you and your family in our prayers!

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