December 06, 2007


Joan Lloyd

You are absolutely wonderful, fabulous, unbelievable. PLEASE take time to rest! The shower invitations haven't come yet, but they look absolutely beautiful. It's a great thing to share your talents with others. I know that is just what you want to do. Happiness is giving, loving, helping others - - - all of which are a part of your life.


I looked at the invitations again. Thanks, Marilyn. You are great!!! I'll tell you when they come.


My very un-mean Aunt Mar got me one of the most fabulous gifts I've ever had. I can't wait for Christmas so I can open it. I am sorry you are so busy. I wish I could do more to help out. Let me know if I can. Thanks for celebrating with me. I had so much fun!!


I am grateful for this blog so I can keep up with all going on in Mar's world!

Thanks Mar - I'll look at the computer tonight.



Emilee got her package today and opened it in school. She was so excited when I met her after school. She said the ornament was so pretty with cowboy boots and all different colors. She did not bring home the book yet. Her teacher wants to read it to the class (She is a book nut!) Thanks so much for taking the time to make her package special. You have alot on your plate. You better clear it and take a break even though I know you won't. That is not the type of people we are is it?!

Valerie Chandler

Is it blurb that is giving you headaches? I am still having trouble myself!

You are sooooo productive. My hero.


Even when you are discouraged, you still seem to accomplish so much! I am always so impressed by you. Maybe some day you can teach me a few things :).

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