December 13, 2007



I am sorry you've had a rough week. If there is anything I can do to help out, please give me a call. Your trees look gorgeous, but nothing compares to your children. They are all so beautiful, even the boys (sorry Nathan and Ashton, but you are!!). I love you guys. Say hi to the family and congratulations to Alyssa for me, and if you get to see Karen, tell her I love her and miss her and can't wait to see her next week!! I love you, Aunt Mar. Have a safe and fun-filled trip!!


Wow. Sounds like someone needs a break! I hope that coming out here will give you at least a small chance to relax. But I know you'll be busy, so I hope that you at least have fun. I can't wait to see you guys tonight!!! (Thanks for being flexible about it all.)
I love you!!



oh, no! You should have called me -- I'm just down the street...

The phrase that delighted me: "with pretty shoes on."

I hope your trip is restful and fun.


I'm so sorry for all your mishaps. Why is it that the faster we go sometimes the quicker things go wrong?! So sorry about your tree. I know exactly how you'd feel. It takes a strong women to let it go for now! I don't think I could. Hope your pretty shoes will recover. And of course I love the picture of your kids. It is fantastic. Hope your trip goes well and lets you relax a little.


Oh, Mar...I hope you had AAA change your tire. What was Carlotta thinking? Didn't she see what you had on when you exited the house? How dare her for stranding you like that. I'm sure you have lots of people to call in situations like that, but I wish I would have known so I could have helped you. Next time send a broadcast text message out and see who shows up first. You'll be bombarded!!!
Love ya! I really miss you. Get well and stay well. SWAK! LYLAS! 2sweet+2be=4gotten KIT! BFF!
Stay the way you are and you'll go far. yadda, yadda, yadda


Crash! went the tree! And Smash had nothing to do with it!

I told a good friend about the tree mishap and he said "Who put up the tree?" Yep - that was me!

Mar, you are awesome!

Decorating with the kids was a lot of fun.


Valerie Chandler

What was wrong with the hands?

I love that picture of the kids all painted-like. Cool photoshop?

Joan Lloyd

I absolutely loved the colored pictures of the grandchildren. How did you do it?? -- the pictures, not the grandchildren. Ha Ha.

My grandchildren are beautiful!!!


I would like you all to know, that during all of this crazy sad stuff going on, that Marilyn made time for me and the kids. We were enduring one heck of an ice storm here in Tulsa, and headed for Texas after 3 nights of cold and no power. She made time to see us quickly, and we were so glad. Any Marilyn time is good time. We were also happy to see Emily. We love you Marilyn, are sad you have been feeling bad, and hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas to the Lloyd family.
Much Love, The Frisbies

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