December 03, 2007



Way to go, Megan!! I am so excited for you!! What an accomplishment. I can't wait to see if there are good pics from the meet. And congrats to Nathan too. You must be working so hard to be doing so well. I am so proud of my extremely talented cousins. I hope Ashton enjoyed singing. Too bad I couldn't be there to see any of it. Maybe next time!!


It is amazing how we turn circles around each other!

I am so grateful for the small miracles in our lives and the character building experiences our children are going through. Small gifts mean so much, like a son that 'pats' his opponent on the back after pinning him, a daughter who is unassuming enough to not realize she was the one who won the state competition, a son that helps his classmates haul their gear and shares his coat with a boy that is cold - and a daughter that takes her own initiative (& cash) to buy her dad a black belt to keep him in style!


Louise Baca

Congratulations to all the Lloyd's! What a weekend of fun and hustle and bustle and winning, all in all very cool. What a well rounded group you all make!


Jonathan, love your comments. There need to be more Dads like you! Do you give father lessons yet? Congrats to Megaroo! All you kids rock!

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