January 25, 2008




We'll it's all coming together, you not only hibernate in the cold, you love salmon, you put berries in your yogurt, you absolutely loved Alaska, you love to roll down hills, you're a bit territorial, occasionally grouchy in the morning, full of fun and a bit of mischief once you warm up, and you love trees!



Hahaha.... This is one of the bear-y best blogs. Undoubtedly. And you know, I don't think you look like a bear. At all...
And I have to admit, I do miss the warm summer nights in Texas... So beautiful, and such a blessed relief from the heat of the day.....

Love you and hope that you are keeping warm!

Stacy Frisbie

Beary cute post Mar! Katelyn's favorite thing right now is her green Care Bear with a 4 leaf clover on it. It's only about 2 inches tall, and is made of plastic (hopefully minus lead paint), but she carries it around everywhere in the house...


No wonder you are my favorite Aunt!! You're Mar-bear the Care Bear!! I care, I care (+ me clapping)!!! I am beary grateful it is starting to warm up, but a little sad that we didn't get any "snow". I love how pretty the world is when it is covered in white.

Joan Lloyd

A can BEARly Believe you Brought us a BEAR Blog, Mar, Bear. It is GRRRReat!!

Valerie Chandler

Ugh, and you are moving back to Colorado? brrrrr.

I understand this post well. I am such a hibernator in the cold. A great chance to clean closets and scrapbook.


Heeeyy Booboo, (read in your best Yogi Bear voice)looks like the lady is feelin' the cold. Waddysay we mosey over and warm her up...and who knows, maybe pick up a piece of blackberry pie?

Gosh Yogi (read in your best BooBoo voice) the ranger said that we shouldn't mix with the other animals and especially shouldn't eat their food.

Aww commmon BooBoo, she's one of us. Look at the pic's.

But yogi, what about pappa bear?

So true Booboo! >>>>>


Hey, Miss Valerie...Colorado is the state that has the most sunny days. And you don't think I will take care of Mar-bear?!?! We have already discussed that during the winter months she will become a shut-in and I will sign her up for meals-on-wheels. I will also do her shopping so that she doesn't have to set one (warm)foot outside into the blistery cold.

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