January 30, 2008



I have had the wonderful privilege of becoming close with that little Kenzie-Doodle (since I am still her in CO with them!) Congrats Ashley! What an accomplishment. I am happy that you could all be there for her on her big day.

Louise Baca

What a cool story.


Great stories and memories!

From the photos, it looks like Kenzie still has new shoes!

Congratulations Ashley (and Chris)


Valerie Chandler

The blessing has been the Young Women's blessing-- to have you!

Melanie Eickbush

Wow! I loved reading this update on our old friends from Windsor. I am sad to say that I had to rack my brain to remember their last name. It finally came to me -- Price! It really makes me feel old to see McKenzie all grown up, I also had the privelege of teaching her in primary many moons ago. What beautiful girls they've turned into and how great that you've been able to keep in touch for all these years.

Stacy O Frisbie

Great story!

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