January 01, 2008


Valerie Chandler

Your little celebrations are still BIG celebrations, Marilyn. The hats are great and match your lulu tree very well! :)


Wow,I had a fantastic time Last night or This morning. :)

I had a wonderful time makeing all the big noises.

I can't wait til next Year, Will it be different or the same?


P.S. Just a reminder: My birthday is in 40 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahaha! I love the party hats. They are so cool. I'm glad everyone had fun. And I'm sorry that you are still sick, Aunt Mar. Hope you feel better soon!

Joan Lloyd

New Years Eve looked like a blast for everyone. You make things so fun, Marilyn. I hope you are feeling better soon.

The hats were great!!! I remember when Ashton was little. HE LOVED HATS!!!! He was like a little clown while he changed hats and made everyone laugh. The more we laughed, the more he "clowned" around. He made life so much fun. I also remember when Megan was wearing hats (a different one each day). Do you remember that, Megan. If you do, tell me why you loved wearing hats.


At least you know that "home" will always be your arms to them. Sorry about your voice and your stifled Mommy feelings. I'm struggling with that as well since Kate started daycare. Love you guys, and wish you all that you deserve (the best!)in the New Year!


We had a great time!

In addition to all the fun you see above, we watched 'The Apple Dumpling Gang! It's hard to beat Don Knotts and Tim Conway for laughs - and then we watched Eloise for Megan.

Megan loves Eloise!

So glad that Emily and Nathan had a fun, safe evening!



We stayed home and had a quiet one also. It still is alot of fun with just the family. All of my kids made it to midnight this year, even little Cameron. Love all the poses with the hats. Hope you get feeling better soon!

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