February 10, 2008



Happy birthday Megaroo! 10 is big. I mean, pretty soon you'll be driving! Watch out mom, dad, and Carlotta.

We love you and hope you had a wonderful three-day b-day!

Joan Lloyd

Marilyn: You are an amazing mother . . . you saved her birthday party when she was in kindergarten.. A lot of mothers would have said: "No way!!" and that would be that. That's what I call being an understanding and creative mother. By the way, Megan gets some creativity from you. Not many five year olds would have ever thought of planning and inviting friends to a pary on her own. When I was in kindergarten I got lost and had no idea what was going on. That is the truth. (It still hasn't changed through all these years). I'm so proud of Megan and her delightful smile and upbeat attitude. She is adorable.


Happy Birthday you double-digit girl! Sounds like your day was one to remember.

As for the kindergarten party, I remember you telling me about that, Mar. Still cracks me up.

Melanie Eickbush

Happy Birthday to Megan, I wish we could get our girls together one of these days. From your stories, she's just as precocious as my Megan. Maybe it comes with the name!

Valerie Chandler

So cute a girl!

Wow, am I ever missing those vege fajitas from the Ranch. Lotsa yummy girl's meals out with you at that place!


Well these pictures are helping me face the 'bear' facts... Megan is getting older.


Stacy Frisbie

Happy Birthday Megan, glad your day was super awesome!

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