March 09, 2008



Thanks go to Nathan for finding out about this! It all came together the week before the tournament, Dad found a flight, we got tickets and off we went. Right before we left we found out about the wrestling Hall of Fame and that Kenny Monday would be signing autographs, so the boys brought their wrestling shoes and a fabric pen! They also took the initiative to chase down Cael Sanderson and get his autograph.

Thanks Dad, for coming down!


They were also very fortunate to get a signature from another very famous wrestler, Benny Tuesday.


Oops I missed a few details, thanks for filling in Jon. It was a silver sharpie though, not a fabric pen (for those of you who may want to have your wrestling shoes signed by Benny Tuesday; if you are not familiar with him, call Grandpa Ben, he knows him well). ;)


What a fun weekend for three generations of wrestling fans. What a great memory! Thanks for sharing.


Wow, sure wish I could have known about this ahead of time. Not only would I have met your Lloyd men to accompany them to Eskimo Joe's, a staple in Stillwater (only a little over an hour away from me), and very famous for their T-shirts and cheese fries, but I would have brought my own Dad. He COACHED Kenny Monday in high school for a while, and brought him a few times to Tulsa to inspire the young wrestlers he used to coach. Wrestling is HUGE in OK, and my Dad and brother are both all-state wrestlers. Dad even wrestled in college, and led his team to many victories. Anyway, he would have loved that, and so would I have!!!! Glad to see that they had a good time though.

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