April 24, 2008


Joan Lloyd

If I hadn't have known who these kids were, I would have said they are the best looking kids I've seen in a long time. Knowing who they are confirms it! Nathan, you are getting taller. You have to look down when speaking to your sister and probably everyone else in the family. Emi, you look like you are ready to hsve a great time. I hope this is a wonderful experience for you and that you are meeting new friends. I know both of you are great examples wherever you go. When our seminary class went on a trip to Southern Utah, about a hundered years ago, we were all on the same bus and in the middle of the night all the boys got their toothpaste and while the girls were asleep, they put the toothpaste all over the girls hair and face. It didn't take long for us to know about it because the toothpaste stung like crazy. I had to shampoo my hair again and again to get the "mint" flavor out. Perhaps that's why my hair turned silver very early in life. (ha ha). I notice now they make a "mint" shampoo. Wonder where they got that idea? I wish you good luck on this trip and have a wonderful time!!Take care and be safe.


I miss these two ragamuffins! They are always busy busy busy and a lot of fun around the house.



Awww, Emily and Nathan!! Have fun and be safe!! Good luck in your competitions. I know you'll ROCK!!!


Good to hear they are safe. It is worry time when our little birds are gone from the nest. We don't have control. But I am sure all will be fine, fun experiences will be had and the little ones will return safely to their mama bird.

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