April 22, 2008



I am so thankful that my wife has such a wonderful sister!
Sisters are gifts and miracles to each other, to their children and to us.



I, too, have a wonderfully close relationship with my sister. We constantly say that we are twins seperated by 10 years. Sisters are like no other. Happy Birthday "little sis".

Heather Darrington

Happy Birthday! You deserve it! You are part of my happiest childhood memories. Nothing like a cousin to idolize, and I love that you took interest in a little tag-along like me. From teaching me to do "karate," eating ants, doing a back flip on the trampoline, ride a bike, or watch the stars, you were freedom for me in the wild outdoors and laughter and fun. Sure love you! Have a great day.

Heather Darrington

Oh, and it's a sunny day in Seattle once again!


Hey! Happy Birthday, Aunt Margaret!!! Hope that today is AWESOME!!! Thanks for all that you've done to help me out this year. I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you a little bit better.
Love you! And Happy Birthday, again!


Aunt Margaret!!! Happy Birthday!! I hope it was a great one. I'm reminded of our car rides and slurpees. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful aunts and uncles. Enjoy your day. I love you!!


Thanks! Mar, thank you for always being so thoughtful. I honestly don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for helping Alyssa out yesterday. She was so upset that she didn't have a present for me. I could do nothing to make her feel better. Your quick thinking and "Aunt Mar's Boutique in a Box" saved the day. Thank you for letting her "shop" in your package to me. She loved looking through the presents and picking out something from her. You are absolutely the best!!!

Teresa Brooks

Hope you had a wonderful day, Marg. It was so much fun growing up with you! Sure love you!

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