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July 31, 2008



This was an amazing trip.

Marilyn, these pictures are fantastic!

But to put it into perspective, the pictures only begin to reflect the vastness and wonder of the land we traveled through.

Oh that water was COLD!!!


I can only imagine what the scenery was like in person. Your trip is unbelievable...a true trip of a lifetime. Love the attempted log-rolling activity. Or were we just trying to balance? Hilarious! The sign post forest is a fun idea. I love finding silly, unique things like that on our trips. What totally cracks me up is the fact that Megan was trying to strike a pose for the "all business" border patrol officer. I could totally see her doing that. It just cracks me up. Beautiful pictures, great reporting; can't wait to hear and see more!!!

Pauline Manwaring

What a great trip! Your pictures are great, and it looks like you guys had a wonderful time.


Wow, you really take some beautiful pictures! You can tell you also put a lot of work into the whole process. Thanks for the entertainment, it really made my night to read about, and see all the pics!


Holy cow! What awesome post! (Or lots of awesome posts??)I love the water fight pictures. You can see the mischief/fun in Uncle Jonathan's eyes. And what awesome nature pictures. And the pictures of your kids in cool nature scenes-- are going to be awesome forever. How neat will it be to look back on this trip in ten years, or twenty years? Or even fifty?!

Thanks for sharing these with all of us!


Amazing pictures, thanks for sharing.


Fantastic!!!! Looks like Alaska is good for the Lloyd's! The kids look so grown up too. I am so glad you all had this trip together.

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