August 18, 2008



Poor Aunt Mar!! You are such a great mom, making so much of your life revolve around your kids. They have definitely benefited from the loving and nurturing home you have provided them. It has been such a treat and so amazing to have you guys near. I can't believe how grown up all my (formerly) little cousins are!! (It makes me feel old...) Everyone is turning out to be wonderfully thoughtful, caring people. I love you guys so much. Congratulations to Smash, moving on to bigger and better things. Middle school is a blast!!


Middle school can be a bit scary - especially for mothers.

Ashton is an exceptional young man - I'm so blessed to have him in my life.



I got teary reading this post. I'll never forget the sweet care package you pulled together for me when I was a total mess as Ariana started kindergarten. Thanks for being a dear friend and a wonderful example of what motherhood is all about.


Wow! How the years go by... I can't believe that Smash is getting to be so old. But I'm so excited for him and all of the neat opportunities that are headed his way. I hope that he loves middle school--I have no doubt that he will enjoy it.
Good luck to all on the new school year!


Wow, seems like just a few days ago that I was your nurse in second grade! You're becoming quite a wonderful young adolescent Ashton!


It's not fair that us moms have the joy of our children surrounding us for such a short time of our lives. It just flys by. One day they are born, then they are walking and talking, then they are off and running from us, riding bikes, walking to school alone, spending the night at friends houses, driving, dating and the off they go. I can't believe that Smash is in Middle School. I remember him here as just a little rough and tumble guy climbing on the big dirt pile next to your house. I hope he has a fantastic experience in 6th grade. He's an awesome kid and I know he will make the best of the year.

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