August 25, 2008



What a marvelous tribute and picture to Nathan. He is a joy to have in our home and a blessing to have as our eldest son. You are right Mar, we are blessed to have him.

Thank you Nathan! We love you.



Happy Birthday Nathan!! I am so glad you are my cousin, but not so happy you are 18. That means I am old!! I have always looked up to you though. You are a great example of the peacemaker I'd like to be. Enjoy your last few months at home. You can always go back, but it will never be the same. You're terrific just the way you are. I love you!!


Banana Cream pie? My fav also. Great "mature" picture of the big 18 year old. I can't believe he's 18. I know, I don't need to keep reminding you. How blessed you are to have him as part of your family. Can't wait to see what accomplishments he makes further in life.

Lori Tolbert

A beautiful tribute to an amazing young man. It will be exciting to watch his bright future unfold.


So... I missed your birthday. I am so sorry about that.

But, can I tell you how excited I am for you to start college? Are you for sure planning on coming up here to the Y in June? I know that I have heard whisperings of this plan... I would love for it to be so!

Anyway, I think that you are totally awesome, Nathan. I'm impressed by the good quality young man that you are turning out to be. You are definitely one of the greatest young men I know.

I hope that your birthday was spectacular, and good luck in your senior year!

I love you, cous'-- you're great.

Joan Lloyd

Dear Nathan:
I hope you had a great birthday!! You are such a special young man. So many look up to you, including your grandma.

Love you!!!!!!!


Wow! Happy Birthday. I can't believe it's your last year home!

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