August 12, 2008



I'm so sorry for all of your stress! And oh the rudeness of people. I think they should have a day quarterly that we are allowed (without repercussion, of course)to say whatever we want to people when we are upset. It can be so liberating, truly...I know because I have a very big mouth!!! I can only hope that someone, soon will see the beauty in your home and want it for their very own.


How can anyone not want your home? It is so beautiful and inviting. Maybe it's because they haven't gotten to enjoy a meal of tortelloni or gotten to play on the Wii. Or because they don't get to sit in the back yard and watch the kids show off their gymnastics skills. I don't know. Because if they could see your home as I do, they'd snap it up in heartbeat. I am sorry this has been such a long and stressful process. It'll work out somehow.



We need and educated 'bad' egg-dicator.


Joan Lloyd

You have had a "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Those are the worst. I love your home and you go the extra mile to make it beautiful, delicious and inviting. Don't give up!!!

Lori Tolbert

Just reading this post totally stresses me out, and it's not even my house! If you ever need help "sprucing" or need a place to escape to, CALL ME!


We had the exact same thing happen Saturday the 9th. The Realtor was Henda something. 20 minutes notice, 2 hour block, no show. Our Realtor called centralized showing and complained. But the other sgent just rescheduled for later that afternoon, and this time I wiated for them to come before we left. They didn't come until 20 minutes after their window. I feel your pain.


Absolutely ridiculous. You SHOULD feel frustrated. I hate it when people treat others as if their time and effort is not valued, and it sounds like that's what is going on here. They don't deserve Casa del Lloyd!!!

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