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August 29, 2008



How cool, Emily!

I love my letter-jacket, too. And let me tell you... You'll find ways to wear it. It may be hot outside, but isn't it cold inside?

And that jacket looks so good on you! I'm guessing that you lettered in band, right? That, I think, really blows me away. I know how much hard work it takes to do that, and I am so proud!

Keep up the good, hard work!

Love you, Em!



Don't know if you realized the pun... Band - blows me away. Well Emily has blown quite hard for quite some time and now she has a jacket to prove it.



Wow, Marilyn! I checked your blog and realized that I'd waited too long since the last visit. You've got so much great stuff on here that I'm going to have to revisit tonight when I have more time to read...

Joan Lloyd

All I can say is WOW! WOW, Emi. You are a winner in more ways than one. WAY TO GO!!


WoW is right! Your hard Work Was Worth it. Watchout World, We have a Winner here (Wink Wink). You are definitely not Weak, Wary or Wrong! Walk around and Wear that Warm jacket With pride! I believe Whatever you Work hard at, the Wealth of feeling good about yourself is Worth Waiting for! Congratulations Emily!!!

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