September 08, 2008



You weren't kidding. Your friendship circle is a mess. Ok I say that with total laughter included. I am one of them so I guess I have the right to joke about it. Yes, my life is completely out of control, but I know there are others worse off. I hope things turn around for Resa and her family soon. I already feel like she is part of my circle of friends. What about the Loveland thing? I try not to focus on me and have pity parties. I will keep Stacy and Louise in my prayers also. We all need that extra hug from God right now and to know that there are those who are rooting for us!


I'm in between classes right now, so I stopped to read your blog. I'm really glad that I did. I have lots of things going on right now to stress me out, but all of them are good things. (There is just a lot to do, and I'm having to work hard to keep up.) But, because of all of these busy things in my life, I'm finding that I'm very self-focused. I really appreciate the gentle reminder from your blog to keep my eyes out for others who are going through very difficult things. My life might be stressful, but I haven't lost any family memebers, my home is still standing, I've never had a major illness...
I forget that the world is so much bigger than BYU. And I'm glad to remember that life still happens outside of Provo. (Even if it is hard.)
And I do wish your friends well.
And I wish you well, too!
I know how busy you are. And I know that there is always a lot on your plate. But somehow, you always manage to find ways to take care of the ones that you love. You are constantly thinking of others.
Anyway, thanks again, Aunt Mar. I hope things start to go right and go well for your friends who are having a difficult time right now.

I love you, Aunt Mar!
Don't forget to take care of you, too.



I know that each of your friends are so grateful to have you as a trusted advisor and support through these rough waters.

Thank you, I am so blessed.



Marilyn, you are the best! Thank you for the prayers and support. It is truly helping. I will traveling to Colorado next week to interview for a job! I'm sure that it is because of all the prayers and good wishes from Marilyn and her family and friends. An extra thank you to Megan for her sweet spirit and her sacrifices on my behalf. What a special little girl!


You're so sweet. Obviously I've had issues going on in my life which have "taken over" in the past few months. I did not deal very well. I also just had another tumor removed from my neck a couple weeks ago, but it was not malignant. My best comfort during this time however, did not come from my husband or family, but from Marilyn. She explained that I had to put my own oxygen mask on in order to take care of the others in need. I get that. I'm pretty bad about caring a lickity split about myself otherwise. Anyway, I would like you all to know that I've re-eliminated the cigarrettes from my life, I didn't want to smoke in place of spending time with my kids, which was what was happening. I just needed a jolt. I love you to death Marilyn. You have no idea how much you and your example mean to me every day, and in all situations, and how often I think of you. I love you very much...


Also, a big hug from me to Kim, Resa and Louise!

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