September 11, 2008



I feel your pain, Mar! I wish I was there to give you a helping hand. You must give yourself a day off. Hibernate in bed with a book and or a good movie and put a sign on your door that reads, " Mom is not available for 24 hours...adjust" TAKE CARE of yourself, my friend. we love you and don't want you sick.


You poor thing! You definitely need a day off. I wish I was there to take you away for a day. You need to hibernate in your room for awhile. Put a sign on the door that says, " Mom is not available for 24 hours, adjust." Read a book, watch a movie or just sleep. We love you and don't want you to get sick.
Marilyn, TAKE CARE of yourself.

Valerie Chandler

What a great post, Marilyn. I hope you had a good night's sleep!

I have a "Mr Usually", too, and I get it that you treasure the moments when they are chatty. The other day when I felt less than peppy, I had to remind him that when he is busy crazy and hasn't been around much, he can assume that I am tired and worn out, too, from holding down the fort.


It won't last forever!


Don't forget I'm not too far away to help. I love you and you can call me anytime you need me. Even if it's just to run an errand after work. Or if you just want to vent. Sometimes a good venting session is all I need to feel better.

Lori T

I had to laugh at your description of the episode with Mr. UsuallyhasNothingtoSay. I have one of those as well, and the times that he actually has something to say are normally LATE at night, and the things he has to say usually keep me awake for hours . . . long after he has gone to sleep.
"I think I may lose my job . . . ",
"I won't be home any evening this week, even though you're pregnant, tired, and really need my help."
Etc, etc.

It was fun seeing you and your family today at conference!


So... these little stories did make me smile.

But they also make me worried, too!! Marilyn told me about the GINORMOUS (is that spelled right?) project you are in charge of.
And what a cool thing to be a part of! But, it must be so stressful, and so tiring.
I love you so much! And I'll be praying for you!!



I think it is time for a nap, and since time is short, go for a power one!


I love this story. It cracks me up. You have such a great way of telling little everyday stories I would never think to write about. I love that thing about you! You always make my heart smile no matter what you write...

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