October 08, 2008




You are going to be a wonderful representative! I am so happy for you. You are very well balanced!



Congratulations Megan!! I am so excited for you!! And I LOVE your hair!!! I can't believe you cut it, but it is super cute. Do you like it? You look so grown up. Good luck with student council!!


Love, Love, Love the hair!!! It "balances" out your cute features. Congratulations on your first official political post. How exciting. I know you will do a great job representing your school.

Joan Lloyd

Megan: Congratulations!!! You will do a great job and look beautiful while you are at it. I love your hair. Also, you are without glasses. WOW!!!

Grandma fell and broke her glasses. I am also without glasses and with a big black eye!! My beauty is in my grandaughters. I'm proud of you!

Great Grandma Celia

Marilyn and Megan: That is some cute hair cut, but the smile is worth
ten hair cuts. Keep that hair cut and that cutie smile. I am doing fine. The weather in Myton is cooling off, but not too cool that I can't handle it. The leaves are turning yellow and I will soon have to rake them up. i don't like the thoughts of that.

Valerie Chandler

She's darling. Always.

Any chance you guys are going to the BYU game at TCU next week? We just decided to go and I bought tickets this morning.

If we don't see you there, Leslie Dotter is planning a little gathering at her home on Saturday the 18th from 2-5pm. Would LOVE to see you and yours.


Wow, Megan you sure look cute. Very contemporary. Wish you were running for President , you would have my vote! Congrats on winning a seat on the student council. You will be great.


Congratulations Megan! That is so awesome & I'm very excited for you. Way to go! You will do a great job. Also, your hair is really darling!


Oh I forgot to add, Aren't those your favorite shoes, Megan on top of the blog? Very cute picture; love it!


Wow, you're looking way too grown up! And now you're an elected official? Look out America!!!!!!!!!

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