November 01, 2008



Nathan has been a blessing to us from the day we found he would be coming into our family.

Glad I didn't trip!



First of all, I love Nathan too. He's such a great big brother and a kind cousin. Second, I LOVE those photos. You guys look great there out on the field with Nathan. Third, that last photo where you two are waving TOTALLY cracked me up. I'm still giggling. It looks like the two of you just won homecoming king and queen and are being escorted off the field. That guy isn't thinking you're embarrassing... He's upset because he came in second place!! Thanks for making my day!!

Mary Perkins

I love watching your blog and seeing your interaction with your family. I always find myself reflecting on our children and the things we did and enjoyed as a family. I have never been sure what was harder to see. The first day of kindergarten or the last day of high school. The memories of our children as they were growing up will always be with us. I have to tell you from the prospective of a grandmother -- the BEST is yet to come. So I guess the thing I am most thankful for is... my grandchildren. They bring joy back into a 'too quite' home.


You all look so very happy. I am glad for you and also sad for you because the 7 months will fly by way too fast. This day I am grateful for being alive at such a historical time in our history. In just a few days we will elct the first woman VP or the first black President. Either way, history in the making. I am thankful to live in Ammerica with all the freedoms we enjoy. Truly, we are a blessed nation. God Bless America!

Valerie Chandler

You are the foxy-est mother ever, Marilyn! Nathan must be so proud of the most amazing parents on the earth.


Marilyn beat me to the punch...I was thinking the same thing as her when I first looked at this entry, but didn't have time to post my comment. Too funny! Nathan is an awesome kid. I have loved watching him grow from a sweet child to a kind young man. I know that having them leave the home is so hard but the anticipation of their coming home for visits with the girlfriend, then wife and then the little ones is something so wonderful to look forward to. You have been very blessed to have him as a son.


PS: I know this is evil...but I would have loved to see the pictures of you tripping Jonathon for the sake of saving yourself. That just totally cracks me up...Sorry Jonathon.


Oh, this one really got to me. I just welled up and started crying. Having my 1 and 3 year old at home now, I get those leg hugs constantly. I like it, but I also have to pull away sometimes to get things done. Maybe not anymore. I'm so happy for your wonderful relationship you have with Nathan. I'm sad he's outgrowing his perfect little nest and needs to fly away to find his own. I have realized how quickly my baby/toddler years have gone, and know the years to come will fly even faster. I am not looking forward to it, but then again I am. Just with a lump in my throat.




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