November 24, 2008



I was just as close to my Grandma. I loved her dearly. She passed very suddenly when I was pregnant with Emilee. It was the hardest moment I have ever dealt with in my life. I miss her everyday but remember the many wonderful times we had, the things she taught me and the unconditional love she showed everyone. You are indeed blessed to still have your grandma here with you. You and I were blessed to have beautiful, loving Grandma's.

Jennifer Cambridge

I really enjoy your blog and i echo all you said about Grandma.


One of my major marraige benefits is to have Grandma Richens in my life.

This is a marvelous tribute to a marvelous woman!


Mary Perkins

I had to laugh as you told the story of cooking and Grandpa eating the food and saying he liked it. When I was learning to cook I made something and ended up putting too much salt in it. Dad ate everything on his plate and said, " Just the way we like it." Ken and I looked at each other and just shook our heads. We thought his taste buds must be broken. It was really bad. But I learned to lighten up on the salt.

The other thing I thought of is Mom's bread. I have always loved the smell of fresh baked bread. There is nothing better than bread hot out of the oven topped with butter and a bit of honey. The smell of bread always takes me home.

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