March 19, 2009



I love the sidebar about the cactus on the oak tree. Someone should write a song about that...

Love you,



It is nice to have permission to procrastinate and feel good about it! Love the pics and story.


That cactus is the coolest! What good lesson for everyone to learn. I especially loved how you looked at it from both the perspectives of the cactus and the oak tree.

It kind of seems like that is what your blog is all about. Keeping perspective. I love it. And learn so much from you. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I also love that you found such great places to stay. When I was in California for Carly's wedding, we stayed in a nice condo that belonged to an old friend of the Palfreyman family. It was just a twenty minute drive from the beach. And it was perfect for everything that needed to happen there.

I love good deals!

And the Lloyd family.

Talk to you soon!

Lori T

No one likes saving $ more than The Tolberts! Thanks for the travel tips . . . and the picture of the cactus in the tress is awesome.

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