May 29, 2009



You are such a goof. What a mess. Sorry that you have had to add this not needed stress to your already full bowl. I have not clue if we are on the list, but don't worry about us. Save the announcements for family and others higher up on that list. Love you.

Joan Lloyd

We are very happy, We got ours. Nathan's very cool. You notice I didn't only say that he is cool(which he is, but that he looks cool, (which he does.) As a matter of fact, he's the coolest!! Congtratulations, Nathan, on being the smartest, coolest graduates this year. More later


How stressful!! I hope everything is settling down for you. It seems like one thing piles on top of another these days. Congratulations to Nathan by the way. I'm so proud of you!


Hey mom!! If you want me to do anything to help you so you aren't stressed out, I'd be glad to help!!
You don't have to send me a graduation announcement... hee! hee!
I love you!!


We got our graduation announcement today! It is beautiful! The photo looks SO good. It even made the fridge! (And we only have one magnet!) Thank you so much for remembering us and including us in your hectic schedule!!

Love you, Aunt Mar!

(And congratulations, Nathan!)


I have a something for Nathan, and his mother actually. Thought I would deliver it on July 10th, but it now appears you may not be in Texas! Maybe I will leave it with Gayla!

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