May 20, 2009



My heart is thrilled for Nathan and aching for you, Marilyn.

This time is exciting and impossibly hard all at the same time.

It is because you cherish him so much that it is difficult to watch him grow away from you. It is also because you cherish him that he will always want to come back.


Nathan is and always will be a tremendous blessing to our home.


What sweet, sweet pictures of your "my boy". He has grown to be quite a good looking, strong, intelligent "my man".


Nathan is such a sweetheart. He is well prepared for the life ahead of him. He has so much to offer this world and I can't wait to see what the future holds for him. I'm a huge admirer of Nathan.


Aunt Mar-- there is no way that a photo studio could have gotten a better Senior pic of Nathan than you did. This is awesome.

I wish you had done MY senior pics.

But alas...


But like the others have said-- I can't wait to see what the future holds for Nathan.


So this is in reply to Kim. I recognize that I am Nathan's mother but I have always thought he was good looking...and I can't really call him "my man" due to the fact that I have one already...Jonathan!


HaHa!! You know what I meant...

Lori T

Warm towels??? Oh, I'm so glad my children don't know what they are missing. :)

BT and I were reminiscing the other day about the time we took Nathan and his friend to Medieval Times because they rose to a challenge placed before them and memorized something difficult--the Proclamation on the Family??? Anyway, it was something really big and really impressive.

Nathan may not be really big, but he is certainly really impressive.

Thanks for sharing those sweet pictures and memories of your "boy."

Rresa Nilson

I love the photo of Nathan on "Jack" That brought back wonderful memories. He has gone from an adorable babe to a handsome young man. I'm sure the girls refer to him as a "hottie"
Truly, he is a dime among alot of pennies.


Nathan was such a cute baby!!!
Nathan, I will miss you when you go to college... :(
You are a great brother!! You are also a great friend and I know you will be missed by lots of people!!!

Mom, the senior picture of Nathan is awesome!! You did a great job!!
I love you-

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