May 15, 2009


Jill Shelley

I can so relate to this. I felt the same way as my children were leaving one by one. The first one was the hardest because it changed my little family forever. I loved seeing your childhood home. Now I want to go on a search for my previous homes!

And one more thing...I felt very nostalgic about your grandmother at the wedding too, and it was the first time I had even met her. Den and I talked about how we also wished we could have known her in her earlier years, and we tried to picture her on her farm. There is just something so special about her. Very endearing woman.


That's how your children will feel not too far in the future.



What a beautiful picture that is -- picking mint with your grandmother. I'm so glad your life is full of memories you'd love to revisit. And, the best part is that you are the kind of person who will keep making them, keep filling your life with lovely moments to remember later.

Lori T

A beautiful post, Mar.

Baby Tad is a handful these days, but as I think about Nathan leaving the nest, it really helps put my "hard" days in perspective. And even though it must be heartbreaking to let your firstborn head off to college, it must also be heartwarming to know that he is such a GOOD kid.

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