July 11, 2009


Mike Chambers

Congratulations Nathan! That's the same mission I served, though it has split at least once since then. When I served from 1987-1989 the mission covered from Bahia Blanca all the way down to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego. You will love it! It's not nearly as primitive as it sounds. There are many modern conveniences. Much of your time will be spent among the poor that don't have a lot of conveniences, but usually the apartments the missionaries are in are not that bad. After the initial shock is over (give it a week), you will love it. FYI, they eat a lot of beef and the food is really quite good. You may end up baptizing some people in a 3 foot deep play pool outside in the middle of the winter, but those are just some of the awesome memories you will have. You can even drink the tap water in Argentina which is a huge bonus!

Best of Luck,

Mike Chambers

The Killian Crew

I waited around as long as I could for your update. I am finally home. OMGG...(GG standing for Goodness Gracious of course) How incredibly exciting, overwhelming, amazing, and just plain wonderful!!! I am so excited for you. You will be our families second (sorry not the first) missionary that we will lovingly send letters and goodies to. (Although nothing will beat out your own mom's goodies!!) We have a young man from our ward that we are partial to. He is serving in Jamaica. Anyway, just wanted to say how proud of and excited for you we are.


Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! I know it is meant for Nathan but it was really helpful for me to read. I am positive that Nathan will love the area and the people as much as you do. Thanks again!

Jill Shelley

We are also very excited for all of you!! An adventure awaits for sure. One of Dennis' sons served in Argentina but a different mission. He LOVED it there and has been back many times since.

Valarie Dinkel

Congratulations, Nathan. You will be a great missionary.

Marilyn, it was so good to see you and your family. Thanks for spending some time with us. I'm glad grandma is doing better and life has settled down a bit for you. We love you.

Nathan Lloyd

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I am so excited to serve the people in Argentina! I know it will be a fantastic experience, and cannot wait to get into the field!

Lori Tolbert

Isn't technology wonderful? A 3-generation video conference call--impressive!
Isn't the gospel wonderful? Two years in a foreign country to teach and preach and work like missionaries do. :)
Aren't you wonderful? To be willing and worthy to serve.

Congrats, Nathan. We're proud of you and look forward to many wonderful updates via this wonderful technology disguised as your mother's wonderful blog.

Mary Perkins

Yea! A mission to Argentina will be such a thrill. Congratulations Nathan! We are excited for you.


Good Luck and Congrats Nathan. Argentina will be lucky to have you! Oh, and I need an address so I can send goodies too!


Nathan, I am so proud of you. You are a fabulous young man and you will be an amazing missionary. The people of Argentina are so lucky to have you among them. I'm so grateful you are willing to serve the Lord. You are a fantastic example to me and to your younger siblings. You (and your mom) will be in my prayers. I can't wait to start sending you letters!!

Joan Lloyd

Nathan: I'll have to get an email address for you. (Has it changed?) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how excited grandpa and I are for your mission call. It will be a wonderful experience for you. I have a special love for the Latino people. There are some people here in Brigham City that were in the Dominican Republic when Grant served his mission. As a matter of fact, one of the women served as a missionary the same time Grant served. They are my very best friends. I really love them. Well, good luck in school, church activities, friends, etc. Love you.

Teresa Brooks

Congrats Nathan! That is sooo cool. You will be a great missionary. I am happy for you. I must have missed it, but when do you leave?

Rresa Nilson

Wow! How very exciting, Nathan! You will make an excellent missionary. Best of luck in all you do. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Nathan congulations, you will be a GREAT missionary.

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