August 27, 2009


Ashley Jones

I would love for you to post some lunchbox ideas. Even though my children don't go to school yet.... I would still love to get some ideas! You are such a cute creative mom!

Jill Shelley

I am very interested in your lunch ideas!! Please do post them. I pack Dennis' lunch everyday, and sometimes my grandchildren.

Joan Lloyd

ORANGE you creative!!!! Where did you get that cool lunch box. I absolutely loved Orange Crush when I was young. I have mostly given up pop now, but this brought back memories. I used to make lunches (mostly in paper sacks), but I would put little notes and treats in them. I think the children remember those times (at least I hope so).

Also, way to go Nathan. I know you are trying to earn some money for your mission. Hooray.


Yep. Post the lunch ideas.

Does Nathan want other odd jobs? I've got a room to paint and some other little things that could help him save money for his mission...


You've got to start your food blog bay-bee. Of course, you need another project like you need a hole in the head. Ha Ha!! Never thought about "themed" lunches. I put little notes in and other cutesy things in their lunches from time to time. Great idea.


Shelley, Nathan would looooovvve more odd jobs! And he would give you his all!
Thanks for offering, I'll let him know to contact you.

And thanks everyone for the nice words and interest.

Happy Blogging!

Karen Heasley

Happy Blogging!! Haha. You are too cute, Aunt Mar.

Tyler is actually the lunch packer. . . he writes me a note every day. Sometimes he sends a comic, other times a poem, but each note is unique as he is. And all of them are very sweet.

But this is funny, because when I used to pack my lunch in high school, I would do themes, too!! Haha. I don't remember what they were, but I remember thinking about them.

Lots of love to you!


Fun times!

Lori Tolbert

Yes! Please post lunch box ideas.


Yes, you foodie...start a food blog. Mmmmmmmm.


I would love your lunch ideas. My kids would love it. You are awesome!

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