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September 28, 2009



Thank Heaven is right!


Jill Shelley

Thanks for explaining this. I know just what you mean about people not understanding why they would go so far away and not come home to visit. It sounds so brutal, and it feels brutal at first, but the blessings are also hard to explain to others. So good to know he is fine, just with a new normal. :)


That's great news!!! Glad to hear that Nathan was given the go-ahead.

And c'mon, we all always knew that Nathan had a big heart. . . now we have proof!


Great news! We are so happy. A big heart is "normal" for Nathan.


So glad to hear all is ok. What a relief it is before you send your guy so far from home.


That's fantastic!! One less worry on your mind, and Nathan's. I knew he would be okay. He's just too important.


I must admit, I am one who does not understand why they can't visit. It seems that I would surely die without seeing one of my kids for 2 whole years. I can't imagine how difficult it will be for the whole family (especially you Mar, you hate that they're gone for a whole day at school!) I am sure it's what's best, because you and Jonathan always do what's best for the kids. Even though I don't understand the why, I'm sure there's a very good reason. You'll have to enlighten me some time. I really love hearing about your faith, and I always learn a lot every time we discuss it. Love your cute family.

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