September 18, 2009



Random fact: I've actually been planning to blog about some of my quirks-- but haven't gotten around to it. So, be looking for it one day.

The truth is--I'm a terrible procrastinator. I ALWAYS put things off. However, I always manage to get them done (usually just in the nick-of-time, or karen-of-time if you would rather).

Another fact: For one of my school projects, I have to write a personal history. Thanks to you and Marilyn, I already have one. My own blog. Saves me a TON of time.

Also--is the wishing hereditary? I heard about the rain in Texas, and pleaded for some here in Utah. I was incredibly jealous of your thunderstorms, actually. But guess what--we got one. A sunshine-with rain, thunder, and lightning -storm. The best, and my favorite kind. But like your gift, mine also needs perfecting. Our storm was pretty weak.

Say hi to your family for me!


My random fact:

I gave up on wishes some time ago. It was a powerful gift, but I lost hope. I'd quite forgotten about my wishing skills until recently when I found myself making a wish. It caught me off guard since I hadn't done it in a long time. My skills are quite rusty but I'm dusting them off and finding the joy in wishes again.

Also, Karen I don't know about wishing but procrastination could be a family trait. I think that's one of the skills I've perfected the most.



Happy birthday Em! This got me thinking about when I was 17 - oh my!! Was it really that long ago? I am thinking of the song from The Sound of Music - "I am sixteen going on 17..." I can't believe that time is passing at the same rate as it used to. It is going much too fast for me now. I can't even imagine when my own girls are 17. My wish is for Miss Emily to have a fabulous birthday!!!! Hope you got to sleep in today!


My random fact:

I am picky about who cuts my hair... perhaps this is top of mind because I had to downgrade today (Mar's too busy). Sometimes I wait way too long to get my haircut because of this little quirk.


Joan Lloyd

Random Fact: I make wishes all of the time. Right now I wish


You are the best!!!


This just in: The Dallas Cowboys have announced that they have an opening for a 44 year old cheerleader. Details of the position and skills required will be announced soon. They say they want to bring youth back to the group!

Jill Shelley

There you go Marilyn. You would make a very cute Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.


little fact about me...I am THAT friend of a friend who has been stalking your wonderful blog and i cannot wait to meet ! :-)


My random little known fact: I need things to be straight and equal. I believe I am OCD in that area. I am talking about things straight on the wall. Things dimensionally correct. Decorations equally spaced. It is desparately annoying to most who come in contact with it. I have to be very careful when I am in other people's homes because I want to start changing things and moving things. Very embarrassing!!

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