September 12, 2009



Uncle Jonathan saved the day!

It's a good thing he was there to take care of you!

Hope that Nathan feels better soon. (And lucky him-- your rolls are THE best. Ever.)

But, if he doesn't feel up to eating them, I'll take his share.

Lots of love!

Melanie Eickbush

Jordan had her Wisdom teeth taken out in June too! I was so surprised when the dentist told me in the spring that she would already need them out, I didn't get mine out until I was a sophomore in college, and she is only 15, so apparently this is another Eickbush inheritence. I am glad Nathan was still at home to get babied by his Mom, and Marilyn's roll recipe is the best in the world and has become our favorite over the years. (IT IS ACTUALLY THE ONLY HOMEMADE ROLLS I HAVE EVER MADE....BECAUSE SHE TAUGHT ME!) You Lloyd children really have no idea how blessed you are to have such a great cook for a Mom, or maybe they do????
I love you and miss you and wish we could see each other and catch up. Take care and feel better!


Nathan is very wise... he's milking this as long as he can!!!


I remember my horror story of getting my wisdom teeth out. I say milk it as long as you can, Nathan. your mom is the best at being a loving caretaker.

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