October 06, 2009



I hope all comes together before he has to leave! That is a bummer about the pictures because I know it is always hard to get everyone together for pictures... Good luck with it all and I hope you and Smash feel better soon!


Nathan has been wonderful this week. He's taking care of the family so Marilyn can rest. It has been such a blessing to watch what a fine young man he is.


Jill Shelley

I read your post last night before going to bed and felt so sad for you. It brought me back to the countdown before my boys left on their missions...It seemed our lives would always fall apart right before they left. The tension and stress were enormous. My first son even had 2 minor car accidents the week before he left. I don't know if it is the adversary lurking or what....like he does right before something really good is about to happen. But once they were in the MTC the peace came...it flowed. And I know it will for you too. The most frustrating part for you right now must be that you are sick and can't make this week the way you want it to be.


I hope Smash feels better soon! This flu season is crazy! I am sending good wishes and prayers your way!


Oh my gosh, I had no idea things were so rough for you! I am broken-hearted for you. I know how well you have prepared Nathan while dreading this time. It's just unfair that this last week cannot be spent the way you'd like and deserve. But if I know Nathan, he will always be yours. Please let me know if I can do anything to help!


Oh Aunt Mar, I almost started crying when I read this!! Please let me know if there is anything that we can do for you in Provo.
We love you!!
And remember, Tyler is still at the MTC, so we can get you insider info on Nate-dawg. (Or should I say, Elder Nate-dawg?)

We are praying for you!!


I'm so sorry, Mar. So sorry.

Joan Lloyd

We are praying for Ashton - - - for your whole family. It's good you are such a close, strong family. You will survive, and even be better for it. That's who you are. I am thankfor for all of you.


my heart is sad for you as a mommy not wanting to let her baby go.....you know my 'shower tears' were different than yours....i was only grieving all 4 of mine now being in school, i cannot imagine how those tears will flow when my first is leaving home. my prayers go up for you and your family! just remember-- it is what is intended by our Lord!....


I am really upset by your post. Even the thought of it makes me sad, I can't imagine living it. You always have the lights in your house and the remote for your camera. Take that photo even if it's at midnight. Then you'll have a story to tell about your midnight family photo. Love you lots, will be thinking about you too.


at least we got the pic taken:)


Hooray for the pic!

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