October 19, 2009



What sweet pictures!! I love Nathan! I'm so glad he got to enjoy a mini Christmas and Thanksgiving. Hopefully you are doing well and your family is feeling better. Especially Smash and Uncle Jonathan!!

Melanie Eickbush

Ok, I'm crying. I have had a long day. I have had bronchitis for two weeks. So bad that I had to be on oxygen at home for two days. I am making excuses. I am really crying not because I am tired or sick, I am crying because I remember Nathan as a 6 year old boy who was always an example to my children, even at a young age, my toddlers looked up to him. He is a good boy. You should be proud. I can't imagine saying goodbye to one of my children for two years and I admire your faith in the Lord. I admire your whole family. When we watched the last Christmas DVD of your family that you sent, Dave said to our children "do you notice something about their family?" The kids said "what?" Dave said to them " you can see how much they love each other". And that is the truth. Your family is a great example of a "close" family. Not many families achieve this. Congratulations on raising such a wonderful and remarkable young man. I miss living close enough to interact and see this first hand. I wish you comfort as you miss his presence in your family. Love to all of you.

Jill Shelley

I don't think I have ever cried as much reading any one post like I did with this one. Oh wow. Those pictures. I could feel it. OH my. It's brutal isn't it? There is no place you would rather Nathan be right now, you are so so so proud of him, but yet, it is brutal as a mom. It's tough. If I didn't know so clearly, so well that this church is true, I never could have said goodbye for now.


I LOVE the pictures!!! Especially of you picking up Nathan and all the hugging... they are so cute :) He truly will be an amazing missionary. Thank you so much for letting me come out to dinner with you and Nathan. I really enjoyed it a lot!


omygoodness......i am crying! very well written....hopefully "getting it out there" in black and white has helped...i'll say a prayer for you :-)


He couldn't be involved in any greater work at this point in his life.


Lori Tolbert

I'm not teary ... I'm not sniffling ... I'm SOBBING as I read this and view the sweet pictures of you and Nathan.


Me crying as well! Wow. My favorite is the one of you kissing his cheek while holding his face in your hands. Just as a mother does to her babies. Your family is such a beautiful example. Love you all!


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