October 18, 2009



I am so sorry!!! As if dropping off Nathan wasn't bad enough! I'm glad your camera was found just in the nick of time though and that all your pictures of that amazing Elder Nathan Lloyd are not lost in the world of the Salt Lake City airport.


You're not crazy... Nutty? Maybe...



This could easily be made into a comedy (not that it was comedic in any way). But reading it here, I am laughing because I can totally see it happening to me! I can see the images clearly of your face, your panic, you running, you crying uncontrollably. I am so so sorry you had to experience that after everything else. What an ending to quite a few weeks of crazy!


Oh Aunt Mar!! How terrible! I wish I could have been there with you!
I'm glad that everything worked out. I think there was definitely someone looking out for you on Wednesday.

Those pictures look SO good though. They are definitely worth all of that added stress!!

Now it's time to just take it easy, right? :)

Love you, Aunt Mar!

Valarie Dinkel

I KNEW I should have fed you breakfast! In fact, I was kicking myself that I didn't make you something first and asked later! But I'm glad you got your camera back and that everything turned out all right. I knew you were going to have a basket-case day at best. Thanks for staying with me and letting me share some of your excitement.


Oh how awful!! I'm so sorry you nearly lost your camera. That would have been a tragedy! I'm so glad you were able to find a nice security officer. I too will be much more tolerant of crazy ladies at the airport.


Wow, Wow, Wow, That was something.
Not crazy, but something.

I feel for you Mar. Now go to bed and REST. Really, it is what Nathan would want you to do.

Lori Tolbert

Oh, Mar! What a blessing ... a miracle ... a tender mercy that you got your camera back ... with the pictures of your missionary ... and made your flight ... and didn't have a nervous breakdown ... or collapse from exhaustion and stress ... and that you did such a fabulous job of chronicling your ... uhhh ... craziness.


I think you handled the day quite well personally! I only wish I were on the plane to comfort you!!!

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