November 05, 2009


Jill Shelley

So do you mean you have insomnia? What helps me is getting about 20 minutes of morning sun. Also taking more calcium/magnesium.


That's so funny, because my #5 gratitude is all about sleep as well! Hope you got the rest you needed.


Aunt Mar, if you find it, let me know.

I was all ready to have a good night's rest last night, and did well until about four in the morning from a nightmare that left me too scared to fall back to sleep. I couldn't close my eyes without re-living the nightmare for about an hour. (Luckily I was so exhausted that I got about another hour of sleep before my alarm went off in the morning.)

I think we should both make a goal to get some good quality sleep this weekend.

Good luck!


See? I can't even make a coherent comment. What I meant to say was that I slept well until about four in the morning when I woke from a nightmare that left me too scared to fall back to sleep.

(I even had to wake Tyler up, and started crying. I haven't had a nightmare that bad in ages. Like, since I was little. Can you get a panic attack from having a bad dream? I started feeling sick to my stomach last night, and was worried that I'd totally freak out.)

The truth is, I started counting blessings, and things got a little better.


Maybe I should try that snore-no-more cure.

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