November 10, 2009



That is funny! Way to go Smash!


Many are called, but Smash is chosen! Matthew 22:14 & a half

Jill Shelley

I thought you just used the name Smash for him on your blog. I had no idea he goes by that at school! Must be a story behind this...


Here's a funny. We were in the car, and there was a Neil Young song with the words "sex is wrong" in the lyrics, but she said it with a twang as she sang along (she has no clue what that word means anyway, she's 4). She sang all of the words and I started chuckling in the front. She seemed puzzled, then I asked her what the words were, and she said, "Mom listen! It says sacks is wrong!"


Smash is a "chosen" Lloyd character in your life's play. I chuckled to myself listening to this one.

When we were having F.H.E. the other night, Emilee (age 8) was seriously reading a story. The older boys were not being so serious. She was getting frustrated. Cameron (age 6) was standing next to her and making faces at the older boys. Rob said "Cameron, you're not helping" (meaning the situation). Cameron replied "I'm not supposed to yet" (meaning helping with the lesson). That did it. The seriousness was gone and hard belly-laughter ensued.

Joan Lloyd

Dear Smash:

My CHOSEN hearing is getting dimmer and dimmer. Grandpa"s is almost gone. You can't believe the funny little misunderstandings we have. I should write them all down, but I can't remember them. ha ha


Gratitude Day 10: Ashton, aka Smash!

I am grateful for a son that is a gift from heaven. He helps me to see my potential to become someone better yet loves me for who I am. He strives to become like those he admires while retaining his own personality. He has a natural leadership and love of service along with a fire and love of laughter and fun.

Thank you Ashton for your life and your love.

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